manufacturing sectors I Waldenmaier Gravuren GmbH

since 1925 we are a reliable supplier of engravings, also worldwide for the last decades.

Here is an overview of our manufacturing sectors with detailed explenations of the product-categories. We produce industrial engravings, marking rolls for turned parts, embossing punches (e.g. for metal workers, mechanical engineers) or alloy-hallmarks for jewellers. But we also engrave delivered parts with technical engravings as well as laser-engravings.


we engrave raw-parts, components and advertising give-aways with laser engraving or cnc-engraving

you can send us drawings or data-files with logo or specific font-types. we have also possibilities in laser cutting of leather, acryl, paper or thin wood-plates.

engraving milling, industrial engraving, laserengraving
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we produce and engrave marking rolls, punching stamps and embossing tools for marking parts in the production process
Prägerollen, Prägestempel, Prägewerkzeuge, Maschinenstempel und Ringstempel
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we sell articles with engraving or engrave given articles  made of metal, wood, steel, leather or glass. you can also take a look in our Online-Shop for engraved presents
Holzgravur, Glasgravur, Ledergravur, Schilder
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Waldenmaier Gravuren since 1925 – your reliable supplier for industrial-engraving, laser engraving, marking rolls, embossing punches and plates.